Saturday, December 16, 2006

Availability Suite goes into Open Solaris

I was going thru several OpenSolaris mailing groups and spotted really great news on storage-discuss list - entire Availability Suite is going to be integrated into Open Solaris next month! It means it will be free of charge, source will be available, etc. For most people it means mature solution for remote replication (synchronous and asynchronous) on a block level. Below quoted post:

As the Availability Suite Project & Technical Lead, I will take this
opportunity to say that in January '07, all of the Sun StorageTech
Availability Suite (AVS) software is going into OpenSolaris!

This will include both the Remote Mirror (SNDR) and Point-in-Time Copy
(II) software, which runs on OpenSolaris supported hardware platforms of
SPARC, x86 and x64.

AVS, being both file system and storage agnostic, makes AVS very capable
of replicating and/or taking snapshots of UFS, QFS, VxFS, ZFS, Solaris
support databases (Oracle, Sybase, etc.), contained on any of the
following types of storage: LUNs, SVM & VxVM volumes, lofi devices, even
ZFS's zvols. [...]"

The SNDR portion of Availability Suite, is very capable of replicating
ZFS. Due to the nature of ZFS itself, the unit of replication or
snapshot is a ZFS storage pool, not a ZFS file system. The relationship
between the number of file systems in each storage pools is left to the
discretion of the system administrator, being 1-to-1 (like older file
systems), or many-to-1 (as is now possible with ZFS).

SNDR can replicate any number of ZFS storage pools, where each of the
vdevs in the storage pool (zpool status ), must be configured
under a single SNDR I/O consistency group. Once configured, the
replication of ZFS, like all other Solaris supported file systems, works
with both synchronous and asynchronous replication, the latter using
either memory queues or disks queues.

This product set is well documented and can seen at
The current release notes for AVS 4.0 are located at

More details will be forthcoming in January, so please keep a look out
for Sun StorageTech Availability Suite in 2007![...]"

Entire thread here.

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