Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Forced Privileges

Solaris 11 has a new feature called Forced Privileges which allows for a specific set of privileges to be assigned when a given program is run. This makes some setuid binaries more safe and they are no longer really setuid in the traditional sense. There is an excellent blog entry by Darren who explains it in a little bit more detail.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ZFS on Linux - GA Release

Below announcement was posted earlier today on Open Solaris mailing list:
Hi All,

Happy New Year !

First of all, a big thanks to you all for the tremendous response to the beta of ZFS port on Linux.It has been a continuous and arduous effort, not only from our team, but also from you all to rigorously test the beta and make the ZFS port on Linux code fit for use on production servers. Finally, after a three month effort on the testing, making changes and fixing bugs, we now come closer to the GA release.

I am glad to announce that KQ is releasing the GA code for ZFS port on Linux on January 14th. It is the confirmed date and everyone here would be glad to know that majority of the bugs reported have been fixed. The code base is on zpool 28, which means, you have access to dedup feature which wasn't available in the beta earlier !

Also, we are hosting a webinar on January 14th with an interactive conversation with our CEO answering your questions. You can find the details of the webinar on www.kqstor.com

Once again, thank you all very much for the support and patience. We have finally made it!

For any questions, feel free to contact me at darshin@kqinfotech.com


Monday, January 03, 2011

Despite anti-Oracle hysteria, firm is an Open Source powerhouse

 "In the end, the key when it comes to deciding who helps and who hurts Open Source, is looking at the big picture, not the vitriol-filled comments, the fireworks and scare tactics of a few competitors who have been trying to destroy Java, OpenOffice.org  - and even Oracle - for years.
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