Friday, November 11, 2011

Solaris 11 - hostmodel

Solaris 11 Express and now Solaris 11 have a new functionality which was long missing in Solaris. It allows to force an application which binds to a given IP address to only use a default gateway configured on the same subnet (hostmodel set to strong), or to prefer such gateway if exists (src-priority) or the default behavior which is to choose "randomly" (weak). This is very useful if you have an additional interface (10GbE for example) and you want a guarantee that all outgoing packets from all applications which bind to an IP address on that interface go thru that dedicated interface even if there are other default gateways on other interfaces/subnets.

From ipadm(1M) man page:

hostmodel (IPv4), hostmodel (IPv6)
Control send/receive behavior for IP packets on a multi-homed system. The value of hostmodel can be set to strong or weak, corresponding to the equivalent end-system model definitions of RFC 1122. In addition, a third value of src-priority is also supported. In the src-priority hostmodel scenario, a packet will be accepted on any interface, as long as the packet's destination IP address is configured and marked UP on one of the host's interfaces. When transmitting a packet, if multiple routes for the IP destination in the packet are available, the system will prefer routes where the IP source address in the packet is configured on the outgoing interface. If no such route is available, the system will fall back to selecting the “best” route, as with the weak ES case.