Monday, March 29, 2010

ZFS diff


There is a long-standing RFE for zfs to be able to describe
what has changed between the snapshots of a dataset.
To provide this capability, we propose a new 'zfs diff'
sub-command. When run with appropriate privilege the
sub-command describes what file system level changes have
occurred between the requested snapshots. A diff between the
current version of the file system and one of its snapshots is
also supported.

Five types of change are described:

o File/Directory modified
o File/Directory present in older snapshot but not newer
o File/Directory present in newer snapshot but not older
o File/Directory renamed
o File link count changed

      zfs diff snapshot  snapshot | filesystem

Gives a high level description of the differences between a
snapshot and a descendant dataset. The descendant may either
be a later snapshot of the dataset or the current dataset.
For each file system object that has undergone a change
between the original snapshot and the descendant, the type of
change is described along with the name of the file or
directory. In the case of a rename, both the old and new
names are shown.

The type of change is described with a single character:

+ Indicates the file/directory was added in the later dataset
- Indicates the file/directory was removed in the later dataset
M Indicates the file/directory was modified in the later dataset
R Indicates the file/directory was renamed in the later dataset

If the modification involved a change in the link count of a
file, the change will be expressed as a delta within
parentheses on the modification line. Example outputs are

M /myfiles/
M /myfiles/link_to_me (+1)
R /myfiles/rename_me -> /myfiles/renamed
- /myfiles/delete_me
+ /myfiles/new_file

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project Brussels Phase II

This project introduces a new CLI utility called ipadm(1M) that can be used to perform:

* IP interfaces management (creation/deletion)
* IP address management (add, delete, show) for static IPv4& IPv6 addresses, DHCP, stateless/stateful IPv6 Address configuration
* protocol (IP/TCP/UDP/SCTP/ICMP) tunable management (set, get, reset) global (ndd(1M)) tunables, as well as per-interface tunables
* provide persistence for all of the three features above so that on reboot the configuration is reapplied

Please see the case materials of PSARC 2010/080 for the latest design document and read ipadm(1M) man page for more information.

This has been integrated into Open Solaris.

Friday, March 26, 2010

CPU/MEM HotPlug on x86 in Open Solaris

The integration of:

PSARC/2009/104 Hot-Plug Support for ACPI-based Systems
PSARC/2009/550 PSMI extensions for CPU Hotplug
PSARC/2009/551 acpihpd ACPI Hotplug Daemon
PSARC/2009/591 Attachment Points for Hotpluggable x86 systems
6862510 provide support for cpu hot add on x86
6874842 provide support for memory hot add on x86
6883891 cmi interface needs to support dynamic reconfiguration
6884154 x2APIC and kmdb may not function properly during CPU hotplug event.
6904971 low priority acpi nexus code review feedback
6877301 lgrp should support memory hotplug flag in SRAT table

Introduces support for hot-adding cpus and memory to a running Xeon 7500 platform.