Friday, October 21, 2016

AI: Distro Constructor and a Custom Script

When building your own AI images with distro_const it is useful sometimes to add a custom script to modify the resulting image. This is easily achievable by adding a custom script to the xml manifest provided to distro_cons.

For example, to change the default password for user jack, add the following checkpoint to the xml file, just before pre-pkg-img-mode checkpoint. 

  Set password to user jack, should match root password
  (if hash contains slashed they need to be backslashed)
      <checkpoint name="lock-jack-account"
         desc="Lock the jack account from login"
         <args>/usr/bin/gsed -i -e 's/jack:.[^:]*:/jack:XXXXXX:/g' 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Requiring both GSSAPI and OTP

Darren Moffat blogged about how to force both GSSAPI (or pubkey) and OTP on Solaris in OpenSSH. This works, although is not entirely obvious how to set it up at first.