Thursday, June 15, 2006

NexentaOS Alpha 5

NexentaOS Alpha 5 is available - just in time to celebrate Open Solaris One Year Anniversary.
You can download it here. I must say that it's truly amazing what people behind Nexenta are doing. Just after one year Open Solaris hit the streets they provide almost fully working GNU distribution based on Open Solaris and Debian. I'm really impressed.
"This release of NexentaOS brings to you fully integrated Ubuntu/Dapper Drake userland. Today NexentaOS APT repository contains more than 11,000 Ubuntu/Dapper packages. This number is constantly growing, driven mostly by our industry-strength AutoBuilder."

In addition, Alpha 5 contains:

  • Sun's Java SE 5.0 Java Development Kit (JDK(tm)) distributed under the new [WWW] Distributor's License for Java. Available via NexentaOS APT repository.

  • Live Upgrade. Starting from Alpha 5 we are supporting out-of-APT upgrade of the OpenSolaris core. Use Debian tools to bring your system up to the bleeding edge..

  • Minimal and full installation, safe mode boot option, removable drive support.

  • 2.0, natively compiled on NexentaOS.

  • OpenSolaris build #40, non-DEBUG kernel.

And also:

  • Xorg 7.0.x.

  • GNOME 2.14.x with a bunch of neat features, in particular Application Add/Remove.

  • KDE 3.5.2 and XFCE 4.3 alternative desktop environments.

And on top of that:

  • Samba 3.0 (server and client included with InstallCD), iSCSI, ZFS with the latest fixes and updates.

* Graphical .deb Package Installer

* Apache, MySQL, and Perl/Python/PHP

* Rhythmbox Notification

* Better Applications Menu Organization

* Firefox 1.5, Thunderbird 1.5

* Search Results in Nautilus

* New Log Out Dialog

* New polished look and feel

  • And 11,000 more packages, including the most popular office applications, graphics, and multi-media.

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