Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Coolthreads warranty

I can't understand Sun's policy about warranty for Coolthread servers - only 90 days??!??! Their other entry level servers have at least 1yr - and all their opteron server have 4yrs by default (even x2100). So why T1000 has only 90 days of warranty? (T2000 was changed lately to 1yr).

To make things worse you can't buy T1000 with a Bronze support - you have to buy Silver at least - but that means quite a cost in a 2nd and 3rd year if you want 3 years "warranty" - I know you get more but sometimes you don't need more and all you need is a simple (cheap) warranty.

IMHO it should be corrected as soon as possible so Niagara servers are treated at least the same way as Opteron servers - 3yrs warranty by default. Bronze support should also be offered (at least it's not possible to buy bronze support for T1000/T2000 here in Poland).

Sun's warranty matrix for entry level servers.

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