Friday, March 17, 2006

My patch integrated in Open Solaris

Finally my patch has been integrated into Open Solaris build 37. I must say that a procedure to integrate a patch into Open Solaris is really easy - just send a request for a sponsor (someone to help you) to request-sponsor list then someone will offer his/her self to be your sponsor and that's it. Of course it would be a good manner to first discuss the problem on related Open Solaris list if it involves new functionality, etc. If it's just simple bug you can skip this part.

What is the patch I wrote about? It adds functionality to ZFS so you can list and import previously destroyed pools. It was really simple but I guess it would be useful. The actual RFE is: 6276934. This should be available in Nevada build 37 and it looks like it will make it into Solaris 10 update 2.

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