Friday, March 24, 2006

Another non-Sun Niagara test

It's good to see another Niagara tests done by people outside Sun - customers. We found Niagara servers to be really good in many workloads, not just www (both comparing to traditional SPARC servers or x86/x64 servers). Here you can find benchmark of T2000.

So, after a week with the Niagara T2000, I’ve managed to find some time to do some more detailed benchmarks, and the results are very impressive. The T2000 is definitely an impressive piece of equipment, it seems very, very capable, and we may very well end up going with the platform for our mirror server. Bottom line, the T2000 was able to handle over 3 times the number of transactions per-second and about 60% more concurrent downloads than the current machine can (a dual Itanium with 32Gb of memory) running identical software. Its advantages were even bigger than that again, when compared to a well-specced x86 machine. Not bad!

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Anonymous said...

Given the plethora of Xeon and Itanium CPUs, it would be good to more completely specify which were in use.