Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Something wonderful has just happened!

Finally Open Solaris is up!

You can download sources and compile them yourself! And it works! Several Pilot members, including me, have been doing that for some time. It's quite simple.

I've been involved with Open Solaris for several months now, as many other folks. It took a lot of time to open Solaris but they (we?) did it!

Solaris engineers prepared a little suprise on their blogs - so go to Sun's blog or better to Planet Sun which is a blog aggregator of Sun's blogs. I belive you would find there a lot of really interesting and technical staff about Solaris in a moment.

ps. I really love Source Browser - just try it!

OpenSolaris Enthusiast


Suresh S SCJP1.4 said...


i supported your blogs for solaris.i personally thank you for your works on solaris.let your journey on Solaris continue
see my comments on mary blog blogs.sun.com\ary

milek said...

Wow! Thank you! :)))