Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Solaris Engineering - huge amount of technical stuff

As promised - Solaris engineers just have overhemled us with technical postings on their blogs! There's really huge amount of technical data posted just after the launch. Below are some links I collected (it will take a lot of time to read thru all of this) - I haven't catched all of them - you have to find them yourself.

update: Thanks to Liane Praza and Bryan Cantrill you can find more ordered list of some of the links below - here and here.

Solaris Devfs
Solaris x86, device DMA and DDI
NFS4 client's recovery messages
Privelege enabling set-id programs
Making getenv() scale
Bootin Solaris x86 at Fry's
SNMP in Solaris
Hardware interrupts for Solaris x86
Solaris ACLs
Solaris IPoIB
Library bindings
How an IP Tunnel Interface Dynamically Adjusts its Link MTU
Trussing Java
SVM: sms_oban_and_mt_ioctls
NFS clients problem - fix
New Boot Architecture
User Credentials
Raid 10 vs Raid 01 in SVM
dsvclockd(1M): Using Doors to Implement Inter-Process Readers/Writer
Problem with aduit daemon - fix
Increasing UNIX group membership - fix
Link editors - a source tour
GCC support in Open Solaris
Adding command-line editing/history to an application
Adding your own performance statistics to Solaris
Init daemon problem - fix
Inside the Zones Console: a Tour of Comments, and Bugs
SVM and the B_FAILFAST flag
How to add a system call to OpenSolaris
Debugging Solaris Scheduling Problems, and Other Fun Party Tricks
Locale in Open Solaris
Bryan Cantrill's Open Solaris Tour
4314534: NFS cannot be controlled by SRM - fix
4278156: sendmail cores - fix
DTrace to identify memory leaks
cfgadm(1M) overview
FireWire scsa1394(7D) bug - fix
How do Solaris Filesystems Update Statistics Without Intimate Knowledge of the cpu Structure?
ATA on Solaris x86
Socket optins processing
Solaris Standards Conformance
Using libdtrace
Jim Mauro: New Solaris Internals
Kernel Address Space Layout on x86/x64
Solaris AppCrash - update
4028137: close hangs on serial ports - fix
Building Open Solaris as non-root
DTrace as a Stream debugger
Open Solaris: a tester's perspective
Predictive Self-Healing/EFT Overview
Magic ndd(1M) tunables
CMT and Solaris Performance
Dynamic segkp for 32bit x86 systems
x86 32 bit virtual address space - the "small" frontier...
Open Solaris: header files
Dave Miner - DHCP server tour
How to use crypto API in Solaris kernel code
Understanding Memory Allocation and File System Caching in OpenSolaris
SPARC system calls
6266961: long time mallocs on Opteron - fix
Solaris TCP Window Update
Solaris UFS lockfs protocol
Simplified Psuedo-Filesystem Implementation
Using MDB macros
David Comay - Booting Zones Tour
Configuring Solaris ACPI at boot-time
Alexander Kolbasov - Putnext and stack overflows Tour
Privilege Enabling Set-ID Programs: Part 2
Devfs and the Devid Cache
x86 syscall primer
4699850: Compiler reordering problem - fix
5017148: Dispatcher locks and Bug - fix
PCI device identification and driver binding in Solaris
4830628: mpstat sys time incorrect - fix
thread_nomigrate(): Environmentally friendly prevention of kernel thread migration
Paul Lovvik - Solaris goodies
Open Solaris - finding source for a binary
SCF: Meta Slot
Kerberos' Incremental Propagation and System Credentials
SVM: Diskset Import - An Introduction to the source
MDB: the implementation of ::findleaks
SVM: default interlace and resync buffer values
OpenSolaris Source Browser
Binding processes to Resource Pools
Using lint to find security vulnerabilities
Using Cfgadm with InfiniBand
a brief introduction to inband interrupts - Message Signaled Interrupts
Diagnose networking problems on Solaris
libuutil and designing for debuggability
Runtime Dynamic Linker Performance
5047967 ufs_itrunc does not account for pagesize < blocksize - fix
4765332: Solaris boot perf can be improved by enhancing kernel's vm data structure init - fix
Debug a Large Scale and Complex Solaris Application with Sun Studio
Small logic error, Big Trouble
Playing with Solaris memory debuggers
Open Solaris: a source code workspace management tool, wx
4530367: After retry timeout - nss_search() no longer retries lookups - fix
Solaris USB Architecture (USBA)
Solaris 10 on x64 Processors: Part 4 - Userland
Debugging cross calls on OpenSolaris
SVM: Disk relocation
Fire Engine - introduction
Open Solaris - IPsec
Page Fault Handling in Solaris
OpenSolaris - The 1394 Software Framework
ACPI user options
SVM: Resync Regions and Optimized Resyncs
the error handling portions of the I/O subsystem
Debugging on Sparc
SVM: Multi-Owner Diskset
A one-liner fix for a bug - and how Solaris's built-in debugging facility helped to track it down
5105724: kernel heap corruption due to cv_signal on freed door cv - fix

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