Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Open Indiana is dead

With the main guy behind the project resigning, OI is essentially dead. It's been dead for some time though and with no commercial backing it never really had much chance. This is sad news indeed (although I haven't really used OI). It marks the end of Open Solaris era.

Can Illumos survive in the long term? Can it become relevant outside of couple of niche use cases?

Ironically, it is Oracle's Solaris which will probably outlive all of them.


Sam Freiberg said...

Personally I'm more excited than ever about OpenSolaris descendants. Solaris as a desktop was always a dumb idea and know we have OmniOS and SmartOS. SmartOS in particular is much more interesting than Solaris to me.

David said...

A change of blood can be good for a project.

OpenIndiana should soon be showing up on SPARC - so it is far from dead.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the link points to an aviation radio?

David said...

No actually - all of the links that I was aware about for OpenIndiana are all alive and well.

The individual who started the project is still willing to host the project, so if there is an issue where it needs to be rehosted, someone will rehost it.