Monday, January 03, 2011

Despite anti-Oracle hysteria, firm is an Open Source powerhouse

 "In the end, the key when it comes to deciding who helps and who hurts Open Source, is looking at the big picture, not the vitriol-filled comments, the fireworks and scare tactics of a few competitors who have been trying to destroy Java,  - and even Oracle - for years.
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Unknown said...

What about opensolaris ? It's really hard not notice kill it by Oracle.

Paul Gress said...

That my thought also. Not one mention on Opensolaris. That leads me to believe the article was biased and not balanced out, as Opensolaris was Suns/Oracle largest open source project and to just not mention it at all?

It must not have been in favor of his conclusions, so just leave it out.

Again, biased.

milek said...

I agree - Open Solaris should be at least mentioned in the article as well (and maybe other technologies like Solaris Cluster, etc.). Still I think the article's main point holds - the world is not black-and-white and while many of us would prefer everything being open sourced the reality is different and someone needs to pay for all the development one way or the other. Somehow I can't see non-paid enthusiast developing majore code for Linux, Solaris, ... and if there is one he/she will be rather an exception than a rule. Open Solaris code is out there after all - if all those open source enthusiast will keep developing it and be able to compete with the dark force then I think it would be very interesting. Anyone? :)

Anonymous said...

Clearly biased, and I would like to see a disclosure of that author's industry affiliations.

OpenSolaris is obvious, but what about Project Wonderland? Dumped without a trace. Most recently, Oracle have shuttered Grid Engine as an open source project and are only investing in the commercial offering.

And on it goes.

Unknown said...

quite fresh link.