Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New SPARC T3 Systems

Joerg reports:
Oracle announced several new SPARC systems based on the SPARC T3 processor. SPARC T3 is the next iteration of SPARC in the throughput arena: 16 cores running at 1.65 GHz., so 128 threads per socket, on-chip PCIe 2.0, on-chip 10GBe ...

It starts with one 16-core 1.65GHz SPARC T3 processor on the SPARC T3-1 Server . So you get 128 Threads packaged in a 2 rack units chassis.

Above this you will find the SPARC T3-2 with two SPARC T3 processors. It gives you 256 threads and 256 GB. You get this amount of power in 3 RU.

At the high-end is the T3-4 with four of the SPARC T3 CPU giving you 512 threads, 512 GB of main memory with 8 GB DIMMs and 16 PCI Express Modules. This system is somewhat larger: 5 RU.

At last there is a new blade for the Blade 6000 chassis: SPARC T3-1B. As the name suggests it provides 1 SPARC T3 processor, so 128 Threads on one blade.
The Register reports on the new systems as well.

If you are interested in a brief summary of what T3 is read Joerg post about it here.

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