Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SAM-QFS Open Sourced

I'm really impressed with Sun when it comes to Open Source - Solaris, Sun Cluster, DTace, ZFS, ... and now SAM-QFS. Read More.

I really wonder if such a business model will prove - I guess we have to wait another couple of years to see.

Nevertheless it is not only that all these products are open sourced it is also that they are entirely for free which in many cases is disruptive. For example - I've been installing clusters where it did not make sense before, for example: 2x x86 servers + Solaris (free) + Sun Cluster (free) + MySQL (free). Or instead of spending too much money for NetApp you just go with 2x x86 + Solaris + Sun Cluster + ZFS + Comstar - you will save lot of money. However NetApp story is perhaps worth separate blog entry...

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