Friday, November 10, 2006

St Paul Blade - Niagara blade from Sun in Q1/07

I was looking thru latest changes to Open Solaris and found this:

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:45:33 -0800
From: Venkat Kondaveeti
To: onnv-gate at onnv dot sfbay dot sun dot com, on-all at sun dot com
Subject: Heads-up:St Paul platform support in Nevada

Today's putback for the following
PSARC 2006/575 St Paul Platform Software Support
6472061 Solaris support for St Paul platform

provides the St Paul Blade platform support in Nevada.
uname -i O/P for St Paul platform is SUNW,Sun-Blade-T6300.

The CRs aganist Solaris for St Paul Blade platform support
should be filed under platform-sw/stpaul/solaris-kernel in bugster.

If you're changing sun4v or Fire code, you'll want to test on St Paul.
You can get hold of one by contacting stpaul_sw at sun dot com alias with
"Subject: Need St Paul System Access" and blades
will be delivered to ON PIT and ON Dev on or about Feb'8th,2007.

St Paul eng team will provide the technical support.
Please send email to stpaul_sw at sun dot com if any issues.

FYI, StPaul is a Niagara-1 based, 1P, blade server designed exclusively
for use in the Constellation chassis (C-10). The blades are comprised of
an enclosed motherboard that hosts 1 system processor, 1 FIRE ASIC, 8
4 disks, 2 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports and a Service
processor. Power supplies, fans and IO slots do not reside on the blade,
but instead exist as part of the C-10 chassis. Much of the blade design is
highly leveraged from the Ontario platform. St Paul RR date per plan is


St Paul SW Development Team

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, now I just need to find some sun4v code to change :-)