Wednesday, May 10, 2006

UNIX DAYS - Gdansk 2006

UNIX DAYS - Gdansk 2006. This is a second edition of a conference about What's New in UNIX (on a production). The conference will be at Gdansk, Poland on May 18-19th. This time we managed to get Wirtualna Polska, Sun, Symantec, EMC, Implix and local university involved - thank you.

What is it about and how it started?
In October 2005 I thought about creating conference in Poland about new technologies in UNIX made by sysadmins for sysadmins (or by geeks for geeks). The idea was to present new technologies without any marketing crap - just technical. So I asked two of my friends to join me and help me make it real. Then I asked my company, Sun, Veritas and local university to sponsor us - and they did. That way UNIX DAYS 2004 was born. The conference took two days and all speakers were people who were actually using technologies they were talking about in a production environments. I must say that conference was very well received. Unfortunately due to lack of time there was no UNIX DAYS in 2005.

See you at UNIX DAYS!

update: well, we had to close public registration just after one day - over two hundred people registered in one day and we do not have free places yet. It really surprised us.

ps. our www pages are only in Polish - sorry about that.

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