Friday, February 17, 2006

FMA support for Opteron

While looking at latest changes to Open Solaris I found interesting integrations in current changelog:
  • BUG/RFE:6359264 Provide FMA support for AMD64 processors
  • BUG/RFE:6348407 Enable EFI partitions and device ID supports for hotpluggable devices
  • BUG/RFE:6377034 setting physmem in /etc/system does not have desired effect on x86
First one is most interesting - I hope someone from Sun will write a blog entry about it with more details.
Quickly looking at some files I can see that memory scrubbing for x86 was added (or maybe it was before on x86?). It also looks like page retirement on x86 is implemented.

These should be in Solaris Express build 34.

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