Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SX 10/05 is out

New Solaris Express release is out - 10/05 is based on Nevada 23. There's also available SX Community Edition build 24.

And as usual thanks to Dan Price you can read his What's New.

btw: if you put SX on a computer with Windows or diagnostic partition it should detect it automatically and put appropriate GRUB menu entries - for me it just works :) Small but nice.


Anonymous said...

Bevor starting download:

it is based on nv_23 or it is nv_23?

milek said...

What? Standard SX 10/05 is based on build 23, while current Community Release available from Open Solaris site is based on build 24.

Anonymous said...

Based on somthing could mean not the same.

So once more again:
is SX 10/05 released these days the same as nv_23 (released end of september)?

Anonymous said...

When I go to download it, I get the 03/2005 built for the downloads. How/where do I get 10/2005?