Thursday, October 27, 2005

IBM supports Solaris

Looks like IBM is going to officially support Solaris on its Bladecenter systems.

I'm pleased to announce we've signed up our first tier 1 systems vendor as a Solaris supporter: it's IBM, and their decision to provide comprehensive support for Solaris on Bladecenter definitely puts them ahead of the other blade vendors in offering a truly OS neutral product.
As a result of our agreement, IBM will be adding value to BladeCenter, optimizing Solaris for IBM hardware offerings, adding volume to the Solaris community, and proving that the best choice for customers is, in fact, real choice. It sends a clear message to IBM accounts that Solaris is now a top tier option for BladeCenter deployments.

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UPDATE: According to article on The Register -"IBM has agreed to sell Sun's operating system with its BladeCenter servers in "the coming months," according to an IBM spokesman."

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