Monday, October 17, 2005

OpenWeekend in Prague

I attended as a speaker OpenWekend conference in Prague this weekend. I was giving a presentation about DTrace and there were other people talking about OpenSolaris. During the conference first Czech Open Solaris User Group (CZOSUG) meeting happened which I was lucky to attend to. Big thanks to Katarina Machalkova for some translation - without her help I wouldn't understand a word (and they say polish is similar to czech - no, it isn't). The conference was well organized and I think there were over 100 attendees.

I wanted during the presentation to give some live demo of DTrace but unfortunately there was a problem with getting video from Xorg out and there was no time to figure it out. Anyway I gave a small presentation using my laptop to few folks after my presentation - I think people were interested in DTrace.

After the official conference speakers had a meeting and I was talking with other fellows about Linux, Open Solaris, DTrace - this was quite hot conversation for many hours :)

This is me giving presentation :)

Here you can find more pictures.


hotelsinprague said...

I had a chance to visit this conference also and I liked it very much. It was very interesting and I enjoyed a lot and got much useful information.

Prague Hotels said...

The Czech Open Solaris User Group (CZOSUG) meeting was a success in my opinion. I also wanted to find a demo but I couldn't. Do you know where I can get it?

Hotels in Prague said...

I heard about Czech Open Solaris User Group's work and I'm very interested in questions which it study. I'd like to visit another meeting. Hope it will be held soon.