Wednesday, October 12, 2005

DTrace updates with new kernel

Recently new kernel patch level became available for Solaris 10 (Sparc). If you do use DTrace I belive you will be interested in this patch. The patch number is 118222-19 and is available for free (no support contract is needed). What's New in -19 revision? - lot of DTrace as you can see - some problems/RFEs are mine :)

update: patch 118844-19 is available for free, this is x86/x64 version of the kernel

4923208 Sb150 systems hang -WARNING: ata_controller - Can not reset Primary channel
5029967 dtrace should provide an option to show probe argument types, stability
5108961 vestigial kadb turds left in dtrace
6213962 dtrace -G doesn't work on sparcv8+ object files
6214615 Conversion of bufinfo_t's b_resid is not defined in the io.d translator
6217821 dtrace cmd fails assertion in dt_proc_lock()
6218854 USDT and the jstack() action don't work on processes on a zone
6219195 lockstat under Solaris 10 unacceptably degrades performance
6220843 dt_pid should look for PR_OBJ_LDSO rather than
6221490 plockstat(1M) needs options to set aggsize and aggrate
6221495 plockstat(1M) needs a verbose option to report when tracing has started
6221496 plockstat(1M) should have an option to exit after a time limit expires
6221498 plockstat(1M) should have an option to limit number of entries in output
6223379 lockstat fails to report one stack frame
6223603 the pid provider is willing to instrument things it shouldn't
6225650 D compiler can't resolve past implicit forward declarations
6226263 usdt probes will fail to instantiate if pid probes are specified first
6226302 must allow enablings to be retained and rematched
6226320 must allow enablings to be duplicated after tracing is enabled
6226345 dtrace_consume() can call record callbacks with incorrect argument
6228044 the pid provider can miss some function returns
6229159 dtrace should be able to trace dynamically loaded objects
6230315 pid123::ioctl:return finds the wrong instruction
6231207 libdtrace is not able to properly resolve some probe argument types
6232748 pid provider can miss recursive function returns
6234004 libctf should support interfaces for client data in ctf_file_t's
6234033 ctf_type_name() should return NULL if input fp is NULL
6234037 D strchr2esc() incorrectly includes sign extension bit
6234063 D compiler support for USDT translators (part 1)
6234072 pid provider mishandles recursive returns
6234449 ctf_lookup_by_name() fails when typedef is a qualifier substring
6236617 D compiler support for restrict keyword
6236726 ustack() at pid provider return probes can be confusing
6238322 fasttrap::fasttrap:fasttrap args are broken on amd64
6239626 helpers aren't backward compatible with S10
6250382 ctf_type_name() wrong when type order conflicts with lexical precedence
6250386 ctf should not require callers to hardcode type name buffer size
6253027 bufpolicy of "fill" or "ring" causes dtrace(1M) to consume 100% of CPU
6253028 dtrace_probe()/dtrace_state_go() race can induce D data corruption
6253030 adding an action to an ECB takes quadratic time
6253031 dtrace_consume() can (still) call record callbacks with bad argument
6253033 aggregations should be sorted on key as well as value
6254258 dtrace doesn't pick up usdt probes in dlopened objects
6254741 usdt generation can do the wrong thing with tail calls
6258738 fbt refuses to instrument functions starting with branches
6264469 fbt is confused by jump tables in code
6264473 fbt is confused by the return instruction
6265086 DTrace has anemic string handling facilities
6265087 clause-local D variables can only be scalars
6265088 storing NULL to by-reference static variables induces an error
6265090 need mechanism to redirect stdout from within a D script
6265094 copyinstr() should take optional limit parameter
6267670 dt_type_pointer() should report reason for failure
6267671 ctf_add_type() fails when definition added after forward declaration
6267680 D compiler should not permit void parameters to have names
6267682 D compiler is not checking array redeclarations properly
6267693 D compiler support for inline associative array references
6267695 DTrace should provide a fds[] array for file descriptor information
6275414 unary operator * doesn't work properly when applied to args[] elements
6282291 D compiler core dumps in dt_node_dynamic() for inline parameter
6303053 pid provider panic under low memory conditions
6303188 some dtrace scripts with speculations fail to load
6304654 predicates containing args[] references may be incorrectly cached
6209411 truss -u can make a target hang up
6210881 When there is memory pressure dnlc not setting dca_dircache to DC_RET_LOW_MEM
6213074 kphysm_add_memory_dynamic calls dump_resize late
6265027 rpc destroys a CV with waiters
6233615 Fatal System Bus Error during suspend/resume cycle for DR
6235086 divide by zero panic in lgrp_move_thread() during network boot on v40z
6249712 unconfigure memory hangs lgrp_mem_init()
6232864 panic in lgrp_mem_choose() during dr testing
6251625 missed change to prototype in lgrpplat causes build failures for OEM customers
6244519 dead code to suspend kernel threads on OS quiesce should be removed
6271688 chdir'ing in /proc blows up.
6271759 pwdx lets you see other users' processes working directories
6272865 race condition between SIGKILL and /proc PCAGENT
6240456 Need topo enumeration for PCI Express
6288246 amd64 kernel needs to detect AMD Opteron erratum 131
6290459 SIGVTALRM signal delivery delayed under Solaris 10 due to t_astflag not being set
6302751 add ptl1_gregs[MAXGL + 1], change PTL1_MAXTL to 2 and rename MMU fields in ptl1_regs structure
6312753 workaround required for PLX erratum 34
6313403 disabling CPUs on console can hang console interface
6313788 Glvc driver need to enable interrupt on virtual channel
6313837 additional safe measure in px required to make cpr to work
6313842 incorrect checking causes non fatal imu_rbne panic
6317693 Chicago needs to use ebus RTC instead of southbridge RTC

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