Wednesday, October 05, 2005

StarOffice 8 for free

"Academic and Research institutions, including Primary and Secondary (K12) Schools, 2-and 4-year Colleges, and Universities, are eligible for a no-cost license of StarOffice 8. All you have to do to obtain the StarOffice 8 Software License and Entitlement is purchase at least one StarOffice 8 Enterprise Media Kit or download the software and click thru the license agreement on the Sun Software Download Center as described below."

"If you are a student, researcher, staff, or faculty member you can download StarOffice 8 for free from Sun's Software Download Center."

I've just installed it on my workstation with Solaris 10 - works great. Some MS Office ducuments which weren't imported properly using SO7 are working now!

Official page here.


indian_poems said...

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Bro. Gerald said...

rpzgdI am an old man trying to learn how
to use GMAIL. However today I could
not resist loading the free STAR

I might get into trouble with
older systems.

Does anyone know how to get a live
person or phone contact for GMAIL

My stoper with GMAIL is when I
view SENT MESSAGES they come out
doubled spaced with chopped up
sentences. In the COMPOSE mode
they are single spaced and look
fairly decent for the typing of an
old man.