Friday, October 05, 2007

Encrypting ZFS

Thanks to Darren J Moffat we now have an alpha support for cryptography in ZFS.
Only bfu archives are provided for now - so if you want something more polished you've got to wait more time. Now is a good time to provide feedback, comments, etc.

Phase 1 Functionality implemented

  • Per pool wrapping key (DSKEK)
  • per dataset keytype.
    • pwrap: Randomly generated per dataset key wrapped by DSKEK
    • pool: Use DSKEK directly. Will likely NOT be supported in final release.
  • zpool keymgr load|unload|status
    • passphrase & key in file only
  • Per dataset encryption
    • NOTE: use only aes-128-cbc, aes-256-cbc
    • aes-192-cbc is broken
  • Encrypted snapshots
  • Clones "inherit" crypto properties regardless of path hierarchy clone promotion also works
  • Encryption is a create time only property
  • Encrypted datasets don't mount with 'zfs mount -a' unless key is present
  • pool history records key creation/clone.

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