Thursday, December 08, 2005

snv_b28 available

Solaris Express snv_b28 is available both CD ISOs and DVD ISOs. Some interesting changes (comparing to b27) from putback logs:
  • 64-bit glm driver on x86
  • Interactive volume creation and deletion for raidctl
  • several ZFS bug-fixes and performance improvements
  • Kernel-level SSL proxy
I haven't blogged it yet (I was on vacations) but starting from build 27 ZFS is available to public! Also sources of ZFS are available at So if you want to play with ZFS (of course you want!) go and download SX (of course it's also available in latest bits - b28). Other OpenSolaris based distributions seems to already include ZFS too ( If you have any questions about ZFS go and subscribe to ZFS mailing list.

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