Sunday, June 19, 2005

UIIIi notebook

Here you can find UIIIi based notebook :)
Some specs:

1.2 GHz UltraSPARC® IIIi processor
Up to 8GB DRAM
Large 17.1" SXGA TFT LCD Display
Full Length, 66 MHz, 64 -bit PCI Expansion Slot
Dual 2.5" High Performance Disk Drives
Integrated DVD/CD-RW Drive


Nick said...

Not really as much of a laptop as a luggable :D

I'd rather have a Viper.

kaiwai said...

Hmm, that would be a very fine laptop, if it weren't for the price tag attached to it :( maybe tadpole and SUN should team up and work out a way of bringing the cost of their laptops down out of the stratosphere, and something close to an acceptable price.

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