Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New SX is out

New build of Solaris Express is out based on Nevada b15. Thank's to Dan Prince for nice What's New. Official What's New is here.

btw: if you really want to be on the edge then you can download Solaris Express - Community Release which is actually based on b16. However Community Releases are generally less tested.

btw: one of many new features (in both builds) is New Boot Architecture on x86 based on GRUB - I know a lot of folks were waiting for this! :)

btw2: "EMC Clariion Storage is now supported by MPxIO multipathing" - this is really good news (actually I saw this comming thanks to Open Solaris source). While EMC's PowerPath is better and it costs money - MPxIO on the other hand is free and is good enough in most cases. It's really nice to see MPxIO supporting more and more 3rd party storage (like IBM's FastT arrays). What we need now is a list of all supported hardware by MPxIO.

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