Saturday, January 22, 2005

I'm on Sun web pages!

You can find here my statement about Solaris 10 on Sun web pages! Actually it's there for some time.

After over 1 year of using Solaris 10 (SX) in a production environment I have to say it was really beneficial for us to use it and we have had a lot of fun too. There's been a lot of talking about new features of SX every time new build was available. Some people here started to appreciate Solaris especially in comparison to Linux. Most liked features here of S10 are DTrace and Zones. Our sys admins like ZFS's easy of use (build-in volume manager) however we still have to make some solid tests about its performance (have to find some time for it, I think I have some interesting idea where and how to test it). And I must admit that I've been using ZFS in a small production for some time. And I agree that easy of use is one of its key features.
Some people who have never used Solaris before started to install it on it's workstations in office or in home. Even our IT director installed SX on its notebook (dual boot with Windows) instead of Linux. He's quite happy with it. Of course I have SX on my notebook too. Some friends have started to look into Solaris 10 after Unix Days (1) or even have started to evaluate Solaris 10 in their companies. All in all it looks like Solaris 10 is getting well deserved attention by sys admins and developers.

(1) more info on Unix Days here.

This post was supposed to be short... :)

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