Tuesday, September 12, 2017

General Purpose Server OS

Is general purpos server OS dead in the next few years? It definitely seems that way.


Unknown said...

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes but it will take a while. My guess is between 5-10 years at the earliest. There is little need for the "kitchen sink" (as I call it) OS in environments that are containerized or are server-less in the cloud (think AWS Lambda). The problem is that many traditional IT shops don't have the skill set to make a speedy transition to these platforms so will continue to leverage a full Linux distro or Solaris or AIX etc for quite some time. These platforms will eventually go the way of the mainframe: Still around but with an ever-smaller presence. What will be interesting is how Windows sysadmins manage/cope with this transition. Microsoft has been giving indications that it is interested in playing the container space but most Windows Sysadmins have been...less willing then their *nix counterparts to embrace new ways of managing systems.

Robert Milkowski said...

100% agree