Sunday, August 30, 2015

Remote Management of ZFS servers with Puppet and RAD

Manuel Zach blogs about how to use Puppet and the new Solaris RAD's REST interface introduced in Solaris 11.3. Solaris RAD is really interesting if you want to manage your servers via a programmatic interface.


UX-admin said...

...And really proprietary. Better to just use straight ssh or clusterssh to all the target systems, and do storage provisioning via good old fashioned shell programs or AWK. Completely portable, and does not require learning a proprietary API for an operating system which might or might not exist in the future.

milek said...

Which only scales so far... but then even in shell, you end up using proprietary interfaces when calling OS specific tools, etc. The main difference is, that RAD allows for an easier to use programmatic interface.

If you want OS management software which is mostly OS agnostic, then use Puppet or a similar solution.