Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oracle Open World 2014

This was my first time attending OOW and I must say I did like it. What a big marketing extravaganza...! It wasn't all marketing though, there were many interesting technical sessions too, but most importantly it was a big opportunity to meet with Oracle engineers and management, both the people I met in the past and some new faces I only exchanged emails with. It was also interesting to talk to other customers and see what they've been up to, and some of them are doing very interesting things. On Sunday there was also a Solaris Customer Advisory Board meeting which was very interesting.

One of the things that surprised me was how many other vendors were present there, having their stands - virtually everyone, from startups to large tier one vendors. I guess it is a good opportunity for everyone to meet with their customers (and potentially new customers).

I also presented there on how we use Solaris and took part of a Solaris Customer Panel - both were good experiences.

For more details see Markus Flierl post.

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