Friday, August 08, 2014

Monitoring Dropped UDP packets

I needed to monitor incoming UDP packets being dropped by kernel and report some basic information on each of them (src and dst IP:port is enough). There are multiple probes which one could us, particularly ip:::drop-in is the best candidate, however it is not fully implemented so it doesn't provide all the same arguments other probes in IP provider have (this seems easy to fix). We can intercept ip_drop_input() function though (which is where the ip::drop-in probe is located as well) and juggle pointers to get what we want - once the drop-in probe is fixed the below script will be shorter and easier to understand. 
# ./udp_dropped_packets.d
2014 Aug  6 14:32:14 dropped UDP packet [udpIfStatsInOverflows] from to
2014 Aug  6 14:32:15 dropped UDP packet [udpIfStatsInOverflows] from to
2014 Aug  6 14:32:17 dropped UDP packet [l2 multicast not forwarded] from to

Notice that the script prints reason why a packet was dropped, if you are interested only in drops due to lack of buffer space then you need to grep the output for udpIfStatsInOverflows.

The script has only been tested on Solaris 11.1 and 11.2 but it probably works on 11.0 and Illumos based distros as well.

# cat udp_dropped_packets.d
#!/usr/sbin/dtrace -qa

/* Robert Milkowski */

/ ((ipha_t *)args[1]->b_rptr)->ipha_protocol == IPPROTO_UDP /
  this->ipha = (ipha_t *)args[1]->b_rptr;
  this->ip_src = inet_ntoa(&this->ipha->ipha_src);
  this->ip_dst = inet_ntoa(&this->ipha->ipha_dst);

  this->iph_hdr_length = (int)(this->ipha->ipha_version_and_hdr_length & 0xF) << 2;
  this->udpha = (udpha_t *)((char *)this->ipha + this->iph_hdr_length);
  this->src_port = ntohs(this->udpha->uha_src_port);
  this->dst_port = ntohs(this->udpha->uha_dst_port);

  printf("%Y dropped UDP packed [%s] from %s:%d to %s:%d\n", walltimestamp,
          stringof arg0,
          this->ip_src, this->src_port,
          this->ip_dst, this->dst_port

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