Friday, January 31, 2014

SMF: svcbundle

One of the missing things in SMF for me is an ability to mark a service to be disabled or enabled after reboot during postinstall phase of OS installation. One way of doing it is to generate a site profile, but this is rather cumbersome to do from a postinstaller. But there is a better way - svcbundle(1M). For example, to generate a profile which would enable ssh after reboot (or after manifest-import service is restarted:
svcbundle -s bundle-type=profile -s service-name=network/ssh \
          -s enabled=true >/etc/svc/profile/site/postinstall-ssh.xml
You can modify any parameter you want, for example to modify a sendmail service to use /etc/mail/cf/cf/ to generate its configuration from each time it starts:
svcbundle -s bundle-type=profile -s service-name=network/smtp -s instance-name=sendmail \
          -s instance-property-config:patht_to_sendmail_mc:astring:/etc/mail/cf/cf/ \

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