Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Oracle Corporation on behalf of Dell, Inc

Out of curiosity I checked the Solaris 11 HCL list. One of the recently added entries is for Dell PE C1100 server and what caught my eye was:
Submitter Company: Oracle Corporation on behalf of Dell, Inc.
There are similar entries for other Dell servers and also for IBM servers (for example: HS22, HX5).
Then there are servers submitted directly by HP (for example: DL585 G7, BL680c G7).

This is a good signal that Oracle is behind Solaris on 3rd party x86 servers - good.


Anonymous said...

But Dell removed Solaris from its "Operating System Support Matrix for Dell PowerEdge Systems" page.

milek said...

I don't think it matters. As long as a server is on Oracle HCL you can get a Solaris support for it. And Dell servers are on the HCL and some have been added recently as well.