Friday, May 28, 2010

DTrace TCP and UDP providers

Last night two new DTrace providers were integrated.
They should be available in a build 142 of Open Solaris.

PSARC 2010/106 DTrace TCP and UDP providers
"This case adds DTrace 'tcp' and 'udp' providers with probes
for send and receive events. These providers cover the TCP
and UDP protocol implementations in OpenSolaris respectively. In
addition the tcp provider contains probes for TCP state machine
transitions and significant events in connection processing
(connection request, acceptance, refusal etc). The udp provider
also contains probes which fire when a UDP socket is opened/closed.
This is intended for use by customers for network observability and
troubleshooting, and this work represents the second and third
components of a suite of planned providers for the network stack. The
first was described in PSARC/2008/302 DTrace IP Provider."

The tcp provider is described here:

...and the udp provider is described here:

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benr said...

Awesome! Finally! Good-bye snoop!