Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oracle Solaris on HP ProLiant Servers

Recently there has been lots of confusion regarding running Solaris 10 on non-Sun servers.

HP Oracle Solaris 10 Subscriptions and Support
"Certifying Oracle Solaris on ProLiant servers since 1996, HP is expanding its relationship with Oracle to include selling Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Subscriptions and support from HP Technology Services on certified ProLiant servers.

HP will provide the subscriptions and support for the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System on certified ProLiant servers and Oracle will provide patches and updates directly to HP's customers through Oracle SunSolve.

As part of this expanded relationship HP and Oracle will work together to enhance the customer experience for Oracle Solaris on ProLiant servers and HP increase its participation in the OpenSolaris community."

And of course you can also run Open Solaris on any x86 hardware, including HP servers, entirely for free if you want. I wonder though if it would make sense for HP to also offer support for Open Solaris - more and more customers are deploying Open Solaris instead of Solaris 10 on their servers and Oracle already offers a support for it on their own servers.


Anonymous said...

The document you referenced is dated March and Oracle's policy on Solaris 10 support on third party hardware (or lack of) seems to be getting implemented in April.

Anonymous said...

Enterprise shops are not choosing OpenSolaris - we want Solaris 10, as it's been for a decade - rock solid, uptime measured in years, hardware that lasts a decade, with more than 12-24 cpus, and 256GB+ of RAM.

Let's all just keep holding our breath until Larry makes a big announcement about the future of Solaris & SPARC.

There's no margin and no brand loyalty in 2U boxes with 1-4 cpu sockets... like HP's Proliant line.

milek said...

Oracle already stated that they going to invest in Solaris 10 as well - actually they have even announced next updated of Solaris 10 later this year. They have also stated that they going to invest both in Solaris and SPARC more than Sun ever did.