Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project Brussels Phase II

This project introduces a new CLI utility called ipadm(1M) that can be used to perform:

* IP interfaces management (creation/deletion)
* IP address management (add, delete, show) for static IPv4& IPv6 addresses, DHCP, stateless/stateful IPv6 Address configuration
* protocol (IP/TCP/UDP/SCTP/ICMP) tunable management (set, get, reset) global (ndd(1M)) tunables, as well as per-interface tunables
* provide persistence for all of the three features above so that on reboot the configuration is reapplied

Please see the case materials of PSARC 2010/080 for the latest design document and read ipadm(1M) man page for more information.

This has been integrated into Open Solaris.

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