Wednesday, October 14, 2009

IBM's Black Magic

Somehow I'm not surprised that comments section is disabled in this example of IBM's Black Magic. I won't comment on it myself as there is no point in repeating Joerg arguments - I agree with him in 100%. This is about recent world record in TPC-C benchmark from Oracle/Sun.

However I would like to suggest to Ms. Stahl that there is another big advantage in IBM's setup she's missed - not only IBM did more tpmC/core but they also did:
  • larger number or racks per tpmC
  • larger $/tpmC
  • larger power usage/tpmC
I think that somehow most customers would consider above three as more important than tpmC/core (assuming they would consider TPC-C relevant in the first place).


Anonymous said...

I think you got the second bullet point back to front!

milek said...

Yeah, you are right. Thank you.