Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We all knew it will happen sooner or later. For some people it is probably too soon for others like me it doesn't really matter as they have been deploying Open Solaris distribution instead of SXCE for quite some time. While it might seem like a little bit pre-mature decision I believe that it will allow to better utilize available resources so the open solaris community can focus more on what's in front of us rather then putting their time into SXCE which has no future...

The official announcement:
Sun is announcing the intent to discontinue production of the Solaris Express Community Edition (SXCE) by the end of October time-frame. As we intend to continue on a bi-weekly build schedule, consolidations will move towards producing native Image Packaging System (IPS) packages alongside SVR4 packages and then phase out the latter completely. Technologies such as IPS, Automated Install, Snap Upgrade and the Distribution Constructor will be integrating into a consolidation after following through the established processes including architectural (ARC) review.

We recognize that this transition will require some effort for all members of the OpenSolaris development community, and are committed to working with all of you in making that transition a success. You can expect updated information from us and the communities which manage the consolidations as we further plan the transition schedules.

Questions can be directed to David Comay, Glynn Foster, William Franklin, Stephen Hahn, Dave Miner, Vincent Murphy, or Dan Roberts.

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