Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle Agrees to Acquire Sun Microsystems

This is a big surprise!

From Oracle's document on the acquisition:
• Protects and extends customers’ investment in Sun technologies
• Accelerate growth of Java as an open industry standard development platform
• Sustain Solaris as an industry standard OS for Oracle software
• Continue Open Storage and Systems focus and innovation
• Ensure continued innovation and investment in Java technology
• Optimize Solaris and Oracle for better performance, reliability, and manageability
• Protects massive customer investment in SPARC
• Open Storage built with industry standard servers and components

Sun's Official Announcement
Wall Street Journal


swiety said...

I was really hoping it will be IBM rather than Oracle. Will the Oracle be willing to support all the Sun's open source initiatives?

milek said...

I guess we all have to wait and see.
However I strongly believe that the main Sun's open source initiatives like Open Solaris are going to be developed especially after what CEO of Oracle said.

When it comes to IBM it was less clear of what would happen as they are direct competitors and lots of Sun technology could have been abandoned. Oracle probably will become a "new" bigger player in a market of integrated, end-to-end solutions.

klon said...

And what will happen with MySQL? Let's not forget it belongs to Sun...

milek said...

Klon - that's a good question. All we can do now is wait and see and speculate :)
Well, I guess we are going to pay for new Enterprise level features in MySQL and have a basic edition open sourced and for free, or something like that.