Saturday, March 07, 2009

Open Storage - What's Next?

If you wonder what's coming in storage area and also in ZFS in particular watch Open Solaris Storage Summit. To get your attention here is a list of some really exiting features coming to ZFS:

  • DeDuplication in ZFS
  • User Quotas in ZFS
  • Disk Eviction/Pool Shrinking
  • VSS Shadow Copies with ZFS Snapshots
  • Persistent L2ARC
  • ZFS Encryption
  • Lustre + ZFS
  • pNFS + ZFS


Unknown said...

So still no ability to resize pools then...

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Sun is actively working on all of these features?

Anonymous said...

kangcool: "Disk Eviction/Pool Shrinking" sounds like resizing pools to me. Never mind that AdvFS had it 10 years ago.

Anonymous: Sun Open Storage 2009-2010 has a timeline in it, although it doesn't list disk eviction/pool shrinking.

Anonymous said...

How does "User Quotas in ZFS" differ from the current quota features?

Doesent ZFS already have encryption?

/ Thomas