Wednesday, July 02, 2008

SystemTap (lack of) progress

I've just read a discussion on SystemTap. In a way it is a very sad read - couple of years later and SystemTap is nothing more than a toy for some kernel developers while DTrace has been in stable form for years now and is being widely used by kernel developers, application developers, system administrators, database administrators, etc. There is also a growing eco-system around DTrace - not only it has been ported to other OS'es but also there is a support for DTrace in Perl, Ruby, PHP, Postgress, MySQL, Xorg, ...

The key point about DTrace is that it just works and does its job.

It's been in use for so long now that it is no longer that exciting to use it - it is rather utterly frustrating when there is no DTrace around...

Bryan posted interesting comment about SystemTap.

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