Wednesday, March 05, 2008

16-core Intel System vs. Niagara-2

Some sysbench results for Niagara-2 (blade), v440 and 16-core Intel box.
For a CPU test Niagara-2 and 16-core Intel box deliver about the same performance with 32 threads, while Niagara is slower for less number of threads.

Sysbench memory test shows up-to 17GB/s for Niagara-2 blade, while only up-to 4GB/s for Intel 16-core box.

Sysbench threads test - again, more threads more performance for Niagara-2. Starting with 32 threads and more Niagara-2 box is the fastest one.

Quick conclusion is that Niagara-2 box can rival 4-CPU 4-core (16 cores in total) Intel boxes if your application can utilize all these cores. Sometimes it's much faster - especially if you need to access lots of memory. Of course it's just sysbench...

Niagara-2 - 1x 1.4GHz 8-core UltraSparc-T2, 32GB RAM
v440 - 4x 1GHz, 8GB RAM
16 core Intel - 4x 4-core Intel CPU (16 cores in total) 2.13GHz, 16GB RAM


spetznaz said...

hej. czy przypadkiem nie wkradł się chochlik i nie namieszał przy kolorach w wykresach ? bo jakoś dziwnie to wygląda. Przy 128 watkach v440 szybsze od t2 ?
czekam na kolejne testy :)

milek said...

Zwroc uwage na jednostk - pierwszy i ostatni wykres to czas trwania testu, czyli tym mniejsza wartosc tym lepiej. Drugi wykres to liczba MB/s - czyli tym wieksza wartosc tym lepiej.

Anonymous said...

yet still - T2's performance is highly dependent on the workload applied.
sometimes outshines the best of the x64 boxen, sometimes gets utterly smashed by a modern Intel quad core.

T2 is quite similar to GPUs in one respect - it is great in hiding the memory access latency.