Tuesday, December 11, 2007

OpenSSL RSA1024 performance on Niagara-2

Niagara-2 8-core 1.4GHz
v440 4x 1GHz USIIIi

Now lets looks at CPU usage on both hosts.

As expected - on a 4 CPU v440 with N=4 we're utilizing 100% CPU, while on Niagara-2 we're getting 7x the performance with about 10% CPU utilization.
With N=32 we're getting over 30x the performance of v440 while still utilizing only about 50% of CPU.

Please also note, that while v440 does not have an SSL accelerator I still used PKCS11 - it's because algorithms used in PKCS11 libraries produce much better results than built-in OpenSSL ones (thanks to tuning done by Sun).

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