Thursday, March 22, 2007

Temple of the Sun

You can win 5000$ :)


gisburn said...

Uhm... is it possible that this game doesn't work right now ? I get the start music and the "Play"/"Continue" buttons but they do not work... ;-(

Anonymous said...

It works, and is quite nice, although slow, game. Unfortunately it seems that I live in a country (Finland is not on the list) that is not allowed to participate the competition so Sun can have their software and keep it!

Actually I don't have a suitable computer either. At the moment I run just OS X and OpenBSD.

-- Jonathan

Eric said...

Well I played through up to the part where you need to compile some code with Sun Studio... and the code does not compile.

It's pretty obfuscated though I've gotten most of the problems out.. down to 3 errors.

Andrew Watkins said...

In the same boat. I am unable to compile the code at all.
Tries it from the command prompt with no luck.
From the GUI don't know where to start?

May be the REAL compitation is to see if anyone can compile the code?


Anonymous said...

I happen to have Sun Studio for Linux
on my SuSE laptop and I was able to
compile the code just fine (with a
couple of warnings). It actually seems
to be a sort of a fortune(1) program ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oooops! Sorry for the blunder when I compiled the code my laptop was actually
running Solaris (its hard to tell OSes apart these days -- they all look like Gnome to me ;-)) so it seems that in order
to score you have to have Solaris Express Developer Edition. Don't know whether there's something about Sun Studio that
comes preinstalled with it -- but nothing else seem to work :-( On a bright side,
I'm now part of high score table ;-)

Bildzeitung said...

Works just peachy -- Parallels + Solaris Dev Edition on a MacBook Pro.

Cute game, but short.

Anonymous said...

Eh? I compile it with gcc on Linux just fine. You need to change the value of "A" in enum inside struct from -1 to 1.

Anonymous said...

how to get a high score over 1300,000?