Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sun Download Manager

Recently I've noticed in Sun Download Center that I can download files the old way using save as in a browser or I can use Sun Download Manager directly from web page as JavaWS - I tried it and I must say I really like it - you just check which files you want to download and start SDM (from web page) and files are immediately being downloaded. It offers retries, continue of retrieval not completely downloaded files, automatically unzipping zipped files, proxy servers. All of it is configurable of course.

However I have my wish list for SDM:

  • ability to download files in parallel (configurable how many streams)
  • ability to not only unzip files but also to automatically merge them (great for Solaris and/or SX downloads)
  • option to ask for download directory when new downloads are being added

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Zip concatenation and parallel downloads would be very nice. I haven't used SDM for quite some time until tonight, and I'm pretty sad to see the advertisement on it. I don't recall previous version having this.