Monday, October 30, 2006

Thumpers - first impression

First Thumper is on for about 30 minutes :) There's S10 06/06 and 01/06 pre-installed. I chose 06/06 to boot, basic questions from sysidtool (locale, terminal type, etc.) - all on serial console by default - great. Then reboot I logged in on console and - 2x285 Opterons, 16GB RAM, 48x disks :) df -h and... by default there's already configured one pool named zpool1 which is collection of many smaller raidz groups. Well, first thing I just had to do was to run simple dd on that pool - 600-800MB/s of write performance and similar when reading :)
I recreated using the same disk for a one large stripe and got with single dd 1.35GB/s :) Not bad :)))))


Anonymous said...

Will you be testing Thumper using filebench as you did before with ZFS ?

milek said...

I already did :))) Some of the results you can find on list. I'll be doing more after I come back from holidays :)