Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Polish Open Solaris User Group


Just after last Unix Days - Andrzej and I decided to create Polish Open Solaris User Group - PLOSUG. We were supposed to do it few weeks ago but... Anyway here we are. Tomorrow (June 14th) is the one year anniversary of Open Solaris so we think it's a good opportunity to get together and celebrate both: the anniversary and a creation of PLOSUG.

You can find more info about tomorrow meeting on PLOSUG page.

If you are from Poland and want to participate, talk, etc. about Open Solaris and its technologies, and also meet from time to time then please join to us.

PL-OSUG mailing-list is here.
PL-OSUG archives are here.

ps. this entry is in English however we'll mostly talk in Polish on PLOSUG mailing-list I guess.

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