Monday, April 10, 2006

BrandZ DVD


"If you are interested in downloading the SolarisTM Containers for Linux Applications functionality, BrandZ DVD 35 for the SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS) for x86 platforms is available now as a free download from the Sun Download Center. Based on SolarisTM Express build 35, this download is a full install of Solaris OS and includes all of the modifications added by the BrandZ project.

BrandZ is a framework that extends the SolarisTM Zones infrastructure to create Branded Zones, which are zones that contain non-native operating environments. Each operating environment is provided by a brand that may be as simple as an environment with the standard Solaris utilities replaced by their GNU equivalents, or as complex as a complete Linux user space. The brand plugs into the BrandZ framework.

The combination of BrandZ and the lx brand, which enables Linux binary applications to run unmodified on Solaris OS, is Solaris Containers for Linux Applications. The lx brand is not a Linux distribution and does not contain any Linux software. The lx brand enables user-level Linux software to run on a machine with a Solaris kernel, and includes the tools necessary to install a CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution inside a zone on a Solaris system.

The lx brand will run on x86/x64 systems booted with either a 32-bit or 64-bit kernel. Regardless of the underlying kernel, only 32-bit Linux applications are able to run.

As part of the OpenSolaris community, BrandZ is a hosted project on this open source web site that contains detailed information on BrandZ and the latest information on build 35."

ps. yes, this is continuation of the famous Janus project (LAE)

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