Monday, January 09, 2006

Open Solaris on PPC

Looks like Open Solaris is ported to PowerPC platform. It's been only about 6 months since Open Solaris was released and we've got port to other platform - great job!

From Blastwave:
Ladies and Gentlemen, The OpenSolaris kernel for PowerPC has been built. Its only a matter of a little time and we will put GRUB2 together with PowerPC genunix and we will be running on the Genesi ODW. All the software at Blastwave will be ported in parallel and we will work with the SchilliX distribution to ensure that we have a framework for AMD64 and UltraSparc as well as PowerPC for community based open source software in general.


Cyril Plisko said...

Yeah, next step is to make it boot :)

napobo3 said...

there is a typo in your text
should be:
"From Blastware:"

Cristiano RosenCreutz said...

great! hope to see a relase as soon as possible